It’s Legal, Play Rummy Freely Now!

“It’s a rummy!” Remember these winning words from the famous card game rummy? This is one game that we play at all ages. The memories make you nostalgic.

online-rummy-games-legalityHowever, with changing times, things have changed, the good old table rummy is now live on your computer screens. Play solo or play in circles, its free and its legal too. Many get apprehensive thinking about the legality of an online rummy game when it involves money. However, few know that in India it’s very much legal! So why wait, go play without worrying and explore the gaming world that is so familiar to you.

Classic Rummy enlists everything in detail on their web portal where you can also get information about various free online rummy games as well as betting games which start at as low as Rs. 5. For those who can’t recall the rules or game type, the website classic rummy has all the knowledge you will require on rummy.