Tips & Tricks to Master the Game of Indian Online Rummy

Online Rummy, being a skill-based game, requires a lot of practice and a constant presence of mind goes a long way. Luck can help sometimes but in most of the cases, Rummy cards game is won as a result of strategic planning. Here, we intend to discuss some of the tips and tricks that may help you a lot, especially if you are stuck somewhere, during the game.


#1. Using more than three cards in a sequence
Generally, in Indian Rummy, players are of the opinion that only three cards can be used to make a sequence. But in fact, you can use more than three. And, this can prove to be a real game changer.

#2. Smart use of Jokers
Normally, people use Jokers whenever they feel like using it. But, if used efficiently, Jokers can leave a major impact on the game. You can use it for making an impure sequence as well.

#3. Discarding cards which carry higher points
This step of the game separates professionals from the amateurs. At the beginning of the game, you should avoid high-point cards like King, Queen and Ace to cut the points down. However, you don’t have to do that always. The trick here is to discard the high-point cards carefully because if the opponent declares and you have some high-point cards with joker, you may use that joker, at a later stage, for making the sequence with high point cards. This will help you in minimizing the points.

#4. Keeping a tab on the opponent’s cards
This trick, if used wisely, can help you to win every single Rummy game. This is what makes you a master of the game. Keep a note of the cards your opponent is picking and discarding. Also, never discard a nearby card.

#5. Gather Smart cards
Always be on the lookout for smart cards. These cards can be combined into a run easily.

#6. Confusing your opponent
While throwing a card, keep in mind that your opponent is watching you as well. You must not leave an opportunity to confuse them by throwing a card that is a part of a sequence.


Benefits of Playing Free Rummy Games Online at Classic Rummy!

Remember those family functions or get-to-gathers, a deck of cards, a whole lot of Rummy games and loads of laughter to accompany the game was all it took to entertain you? Today you may be missing all that fun, but hey, getting back into the groove is not far away with online Classic Rummy. For the busy player who is always on the go, entertainment is a basic needs & what better way than to play rummy online. Moreover it’s completely free, provided you have the knack and the interest to make money and have some fun!


Popularity pays: One of the most popular card games played worldwide, Classic Rummy has variations in different forms which can be picked up through practice. Get your core game going strong and sweat it out with opponents from different walks of life! This calls for a true sense of competition and fun!

Free and fun: No expensive bills to pay, now your dose of entertainment is absolutely free! Indulge in a game of rummy online and who knows, you may turn out to make a return on zero investment!

Automation to the rescue: Human error eliminated in online simulated rummy, automation comes to the rescue in crafting a well-designed game experience for you. Right from the shuffling of cards to handling of points, the computer now has it all sorted without error. Now enjoy a pure game of skills and stealth while the “underhand” tactics are eliminated. This calls for some real expertise and awesome fun!

Instant troubleshooting: Facing issues with your online rummy set-up? Help is just a ping away. Most online rummy systems have 24*7 customer service to help resolve issues. Don’t worry now about the technical glitches, concentrate on your winning strategy and earn! Chat facility which is provided online helps in real-time communication for an effective round of rummy.

Diversify your skills: Pick which game you wish to play from the list of exciting variants and online versions available and just join in! Want to learn the British way of rummy? Join the online Kaluki gamer. Want to ace the American game of Conquian? Join in absolutely free. Diversify your rummy playing skills and keep learning!

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