Tips & Tricks to Master the Game of Indian Online Rummy

Online Rummy, being a skill-based game, requires a lot of practice and a constant presence of mind goes a long way. Luck can help sometimes but in most of the cases, Rummy cards game is won as a result of strategic planning. Here, we intend to discuss some of the tips and tricks that may help you a lot, especially if you are stuck somewhere, during the game.


#1. Using more than three cards in a sequence
Generally, in Indian Rummy, players are of the opinion that only three cards can be used to make a sequence. But in fact, you can use more than three. And, this can prove to be a real game changer.

#2. Smart use of Jokers
Normally, people use Jokers whenever they feel like using it. But, if used efficiently, Jokers can leave a major impact on the game. You can use it for making an impure sequence as well.

#3. Discarding cards which carry higher points
This step of the game separates professionals from the amateurs. At the beginning of the game, you should avoid high-point cards like King, Queen and Ace to cut the points down. However, you don’t have to do that always. The trick here is to discard the high-point cards carefully because if the opponent declares and you have some high-point cards with joker, you may use that joker, at a later stage, for making the sequence with high point cards. This will help you in minimizing the points.

#4. Keeping a tab on the opponent’s cards
This trick, if used wisely, can help you to win every single Rummy game. This is what makes you a master of the game. Keep a note of the cards your opponent is picking and discarding. Also, never discard a nearby card.

#5. Gather Smart cards
Always be on the lookout for smart cards. These cards can be combined into a run easily.

#6. Confusing your opponent
While throwing a card, keep in mind that your opponent is watching you as well. You must not leave an opportunity to confuse them by throwing a card that is a part of a sequence.