Online Rummy – Enjoy Gaming on the Go!

Playing with cards has always been a part of get-togethers and rummy has indeed been a hit among all age groups. Be it festivals, friends reunion or wedding ceremonies, this game has always enthralled the card players. This fun game can be played casually or by placing money bets and one is sure to have a sense of excitement during the course of play.


The game is basically a card matching multi-player game, where three or more cards can be formed as a sequence based on ranks or suits and a player who first arranges all the cards allotted to him is termed as the winner.  In today’s smartphone world, this game has gone online and one can enjoy getting paid for all the wins, anywhere and at anytime.

If you have any portable device, be it a smartphone, a laptop or tablet and you are on a long journey, online rummy game is sure to make it interesting. All you need is an Internet connection, and Classic Rummy will provide you with loads of fun and entertainment, while you play some of the best card games.

Rummy card game can be played for free and after mastering the game, one can even play by placing a mere Rs.5 as bet. With nine variants of rummy, Classic Rummy is solely created for people who are ardent fans of this interesting game. Register and play for free or cash and get paid for all your winning games.